New Wave Assurances international.

By offering fast accessible and combined services, New Wave Assurances is able to provide international companies the best guidance and support in The Netherlands

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NWA International

With our strong partners we can provide companies with a full service program. Some products or services do not lend themselves to the usual strategies. Within the heavier categories, a personal and high-end approach is often required.   


  • Solution for all companies Insurance & pension related issues;
  • Using external marketing and sales expertise;
  • Unique (target) propositions on the market;
  • Strong cost reduction in your internal organization.

Target Groups

Our primary target groups are:

  • Freelancers ;
  • Companies;
  • Accountant offices;
  • Branch- and umbrella organizations.


The founders within NWA already have their existing networks in the main target groups. They want to expand this with a broader range of products and services


A specialist with a clear strategy

With our years of experience and specialist knowledge, we are unique in the market. We combine an efficient business process, customer focus and customization into a whole. We have chosen not to do everything, but to have a clear focus on what we can do well.

Our primary objectives are:

  • Take away company risks;
  • Growing together;
  • Brand strategy;
  • Strengthen the overall proposition;
  • Increase operating result.
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Some of our clients and partners


Clear strategie

Our target groups use different platforms. We also create ‘custom’ platforms for branches and large umbrella organizations. We have our own Marketing company so we can switch quickly and our ‘time to Market’ is very short. With our Helpdesk, we also offer personal attention when making the ‘right’ decision.


Primary target groups

The pallet of products we offer is based on the one hand on our experience with our target groups and the many years of specialist experience with this pallet.

Our primary target groups are:

  • Freelancers with an HBO + background;
  • Accountants (and affiliated advisers);
  • Branch and umbrella organizations;
  • And foreign companies with a branch in the Netherlands.