Your 'online' and independent consultant. Today's insurance.

Your 'online' and independent advisor. Today's insurance.

Since 2002, focused on 'online' insurance solutions for the entrepreneur (his company) and industry and umbrella organizations.

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We offer solutions through our 'on-line' platforms. Convenience, competitive premiums and good conditions are within your reach with a 'click'


Do you have questions and are you unable to resolve the matter? You will receive help from a personal advisor for business questions and the right guidance. We have a good mix between the convenience of 'on-line' closing and personal attention through our Helpdesk


Because we have chosen to work mainly 'on-line', we have more clout, national coverage and we can respond better to changes in the market.


We have traditionally been a collective purchasing organization and provide arrangements for our cooperating partners such as umbrella organizations, trade and professional organizations and employers.

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Always independent with a choice of several insurers.

Compare and choose the insurer that suits you. Thanks to our collective purchasing power you benefit from better conditions and favorable premiums. Our collective consists of more than 70.000 entrepreneurs.

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Determine the way of insurance yourself

In person or completely independently and online

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Select the insurance you want and calculate your premium.


Determine if you need help with closing or if you can do it online independently.


Take out your insurance and receive your policy.

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Collective insurance is not only cheaper. But also better.

Are you an organization looking for a collective arrangement for your employees, members or subscribers? We would be happy to tell you more about our effectiveness in the market. Let's get acquainted to discuss the possibilities.

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Clear strategy

Our target groups make use of different platforming. We also make 'customized' platforms for branches and large umbrella organizations. We have our own Marketing company, which means we can switch quickly and our 'time to Market' is very short. With our Helpdesk we also offer personal attention when making the 'right' decision.


Primary audiences

The pallet of products we offer is based on the one hand on our experience with our target groups and the many years of specialist experience with this pallet.

Our primary target groups are:

  • Freelancers with an HBO + background;
  • Accountants (and affiliated advisers);
  • Branch and umbrella organizations;
  • And foreign companies with a branch in the Netherlands.